MERRY 12-22 & HAPPY 25th

“Thanks for your offering. Yes. But isn't it all kinda scary? I mean the future. How long will it take for the effect to take effect? It already is, but many don't see. How do we help them see clearly? “

This was the question put to me by one who received the writing done on Christ Day, December 25th.

My answer is that the affect will take time for the effect to manifest.   The results (effect) from assuming a particular state (affect) will happen as we integrate what we know has taken place in our BEING.  It is not about warring for a particular principle or invoking energies of the past to rend the darkness to shreds.   The Piscean Age accomplished that, showed us what we don’t want through the Effect of the Affect.   We have history books, myths, religions and politics full of what we don’t want.   It is time to look at that particular state and the results produced and turn from it.   As the voice that cried in the wilderness said….”repent”… for that is all it means, Turn.    

As encouragement and a voice unto myself, take time to breath, ask for Grace in all things, and start the effect in your life through small acts of integrity to the truth you feel in your Heart Self.    This is how we show ourselves and how others will see clearly.    Isn’t it scary?  Yes, for the moment.  Yet, because of Grace someone will be there to hold our hand, even if we don’t know them.   How long will it take for the effect?  Hmmm, no crystal ball here.   Remembering that I am an Eternal Being…not long.  I am thankful, so very thankful for all I have loved and danced with on this stage.   I have my part, however small in the moment and so do you.  Go out and play it.   It will be just fine.    




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