Wednesday, October 2, 2013


Song and philosopher say “life is a dream” and we are to forget this dream.  
To do so would be to forget the lessons, the gems.  I would never forget my loves, my experiences of the heart whether in joy or pain.  For what is the herald of preparation for higher vibratory realms if we forget this dreams meaning; this classroom of lessons? 
 I shudder to think that forgetting may mean repeating!
You, I, we all have dreams that remain with us.  The dreams of flying over tree tops, walking confidently in stiletto heels across a gravel road (that should be telling) or shadows that stalk us down unfamiliar paths. 
These are clues to our journey.  Yes, this journey is fleeting…like a dream; moldable like a lucid dream.  Yet, I chose to not to forget, as the dream of Living and Loving are the jewels I gather.   The treasures to build new worlds, new beginnings and new ascension.  
Love is the truth of the dream I choose not to forget, NOR that which brought me to it.     
For all the Dreamers and Lovers out there.   Namaste.

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