Tuesday, December 25, 2012

MERRY 12-22 & HAPPY 25th DAY

Winter.   Usually not the time to initiate a life altering change; but then not much about my life is usual. 
So much is made of 2012 and especially the month of December.  World is to End, New World Order Illuminati take-over, martial law, ascension, light body activation, Alien disclosure, pole shift, planet blowing up, financial cliff…the speculation goes as far as the imagination and ego will take it. 
Communities of thought talking of a Shift, began placing emphasis upon a consciousness Shift, an inner shift.   Certainly sounds better than the earth’s crust slipping off its core like butter slipping off the back of a hot spoon!

As foretold, my consciousness did begin to shift.   Self-love replaced ingratiating service, tough-love replaced complacence, self-protection replaced tolerance, purpose replaced meandering.   These awarenesses have been shifting over my lifetime; not in a rapture of time.   However, there was a marked profundity that took place on that most auspicious date for mankind, December 21, 2012.

Joined in world-wide meditation with a resolve to focus from one’s heart-space I touched that place of complete letting go.   No agenda, no form, just slow rhythmic breath.  It was a familiar place, as I rested in this place for the first time, 4 days after 12-12-12.   Profound gratitude for all the journeys of my life flooded over my being, followed by a deep meditation of complete rest, peace and enveloping Love. 
The Day that was to bring TEOTWAWKI, The End Of The World As We Know It,  the god of fearful uncertainty, brought instead AMATUL….Awakened Man Ascended To Universal Love, the goddess of nurtured beginnings.   “AMA” affectionately rolling off the lips of children is where we are in this transitional shift of ages.     We have awakened to being a part of a much bigger picture.  A Universe of Gods and Goddesses, Ascended Masters and Monads, of Alien Humanoids that may have been contributors to our unexplained DNA strands and The Divine Source of One that put into play diversity and sovereignty as Hallmarks of creative force.     Under this goddess shift, we teach ourselves and give each other nurturing Love that Honors each Self, Love that turns from exploitation, Love that protects inalienable rights, Love that gives purpose to all things large and small.

We are just beginning to open our eyes to the Newness of our Beings.   We are just beginning to discern the sound of our Mother’s voice.   We have both our parents in our abode.   The New Man-Child, balancing to walk in Harmonic Resonance as a creation of Both Male and Female, Flesh and Spirit, Mind and Heart; to BE Humillesence in the Universe.   

So, I felt it was appropriate to celebrate Re-Birth for us all on 12-22-12.  
Here it is, your Re-Birth Day cake!   Yes, I am late in getting this to all my beloved. 
Yet, it is December 25th , a Christ Day Present!

Love and Blessings to All,      Laura Fifield

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