Friday, December 6, 2013

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Sunday, October 6, 2013

 If everyone is to do what is right for themselves;
where does co-creation come in?
If the story seen or told is slanted to one's own perspective;
how does the story translate from service of one to service of other?
Is it a game of persuasion?
Do persuaders, manipulators, half-truth tellers, hold sway?
When is it not a coercion and simply sharing each idea?
When justification and judgment are removed from one's story.
When Liberty for self and another to choose differently is held Virtuous and Honorable.
When Love for Life is more precious than Love for one's right.
Co-create with these, Love, Life and Liberty in your story.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

You are what you Eat

It is now 60 days 100% vegetarian and 75% organic.   Having  fun exploring new grains to cook with and haven’t missed eating meat at all.   I have found a definite shift in how I feel.  It’s a calm, peaceful place within.  Probably eliminating the pink slim and stressed out chickens! 

When I was a teenager, my Uncle Richard told me when washing rice for his macrobiotic diet, “you are what you eat”.    Such a shame it took me so long to really feel that wisdom.    

Wednesday, October 2, 2013


Song and philosopher say “life is a dream” and we are to forget this dream.  
To do so would be to forget the lessons, the gems.  I would never forget my loves, my experiences of the heart whether in joy or pain.  For what is the herald of preparation for higher vibratory realms if we forget this dreams meaning; this classroom of lessons? 
 I shudder to think that forgetting may mean repeating!
You, I, we all have dreams that remain with us.  The dreams of flying over tree tops, walking confidently in stiletto heels across a gravel road (that should be telling) or shadows that stalk us down unfamiliar paths. 
These are clues to our journey.  Yes, this journey is fleeting…like a dream; moldable like a lucid dream.  Yet, I chose to not to forget, as the dream of Living and Loving are the jewels I gather.   The treasures to build new worlds, new beginnings and new ascension.  
Love is the truth of the dream I choose not to forget, NOR that which brought me to it.     
For all the Dreamers and Lovers out there.   Namaste.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

What to do with this ener$y called MONEY?!


Friday, March 1, 2013


Awhile back I was asked to write a Dream I've  held within.    Below is what was written and still lives in my VisionScape.   As  my consciousness  shifts, I see that Spirit makes more of the arranging than I, yet it is a Joy to organize and create atmosphere for others to revel in.
Below is what was written 2 years ago and is still relevant today.   Love to All
I know unequivocally I function as an Administrator in the Consciousness of Christ.  I know this by my loves and experiences along the way.  I love organization; creating order out of chaos, taking action to create atmosphere and flow; holding space for others to teach or heal.  I enjoy the fundamentals of brainstorming and delegation for the development of ideas.  I work best with a team.  I don’t mind carrying a load, however I have no problem identifying a disruptive element and dealing with it.  I can be easy going, flowing, discerning, direct and decisive as circumstances require.
My dream is to express my gifts as a component of administration, pulling together elements for a holistic healing community or center.  This may seem a cliché, however I have the hands on, real world taste of all the elements from ground up.  I have experienced visioning and developing raw real estate, contracting, conceptualizing “how” something is built and what it would take to do it.  Hiring, instructing, delegating, marketing, purchasing, scheduling, training, analyzing how to make it work and acquiring the components to do so have all been from previous business and volunteer experiences.    The nuts and bolts of how to make an event work so the healer can heal, teacher can teach, the lecturer is clearly heard and the participants comfortable.  I love to see people well fed and comfortable enjoying themselves with ease because every need has been anticipated and met.  I guess it is my Divine Feminine expressed with Masculine Energy that gives me such joy in serving others this way.  
Co-creative with this dream is the desire to teach Home Economics.  Interacting with people who have primary care over the food/home environment, I find a profound lack of knowledge as to the “basics”.  How to grow, can, store, and what to have on hand in order to prepare meals without the expensive and chemical ridden pre mixed jar or box from the store.  I am feeling a growing urge to explore and implement a raw food diet.  I enjoy taste, texture and surprise combinations of spices that come from cooking.
In the first instance, I am assisting the dreams of others who don’t have the variety of skills to handle the detail level of administration for a facility or large gathering.   In the second, I am a participant .  Both require a facility and a team of like-minded individuals who value self-realization , responsibility and integrity in their life journey.
How does this benefit others?  OMG! How could it not!?
What does it require?   If letters behind my name are needed, then I request the formal education in either Business Administration or Home Economics to then be joined with or start my own venture.  If heart and spirit are needed, then I request the funding for such a position and am ready when called.
References available upon request

Sunday, January 27, 2013

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